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Why do you need Power Protection?

Consider how much Data you have collected and the value of your Equipment.
Now work out how much it will cost to re-enter all that data if it was lost or currupted, on top of the cost of your Equipment.
Now look at the cost of power protection. Most power suppliers recommend some sort of power protection as our modern Electronic Systems and Computers are very sensitive to power "glitches".
Depending on how mission critical your systems are, you should at least have at minimum installed some sort of power protection against surges, spikes and noise, or more a Power conditioner or UPS (Uninteruptible Power Supply).

Power Protection can be a very complex ordeal to consider and design, so contact us for further assistance.

Power protection should be considered for data lines, power lines, telecommunication lines, network data, coax cables, process control and more, where critical electrical signals are used.
Power protection includes filtering, diverting, and sustained quality power in the event of brown-outs or black-outs. Such protection, depending on the solution required, and the technology deployed to achieve the results required, can be hardwired or plug and play.