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MOEM would like to advise of the real dangers of using some types of Lithium Batteries in mobile devices and portable equipment including toys and scooters.There has been a state of incidents recently, including at least one death, involving Lithium Batteries catching fire. The cause is most likely from a damaged Lithium battery, or the use of a poor quality and/or non-Australian Approved Battery charger. Please ensure you are using batteries and approved chargers from a good reputable Australian Supplier where Australian Consumer Law offers a buyer some protection from faulty goods. An Australian supplier who knowingly sells a falsely advertised or potentialy faulty product may be held accountable. Many "online" stores are making unrealistic and perhaps fraudulant claims about the quality and capacity of their Lithium Batteries and Battery chargers. If the online shop is an overseas shop, you will have little recourse or protection from damages caused by their products.
Please contact MOEM or a reputable Battery retailer for advice.

Battery chargers /Adaptors and USB plugs that plug into our Australian Mains Electricity Supply should have one of the above symbols showing that the device meets Australian Electrical Safety Standards.There will be an approval number next to the "tick". The flat pins that insert to the wall socket should be part insulated as well. See the picture below as an example.

For further advice please visit the ACCC or Austest websites for more advice.