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The Catch of the Day

This page is dedicated to "GLITCHES" and wierd occurances.
A Glitch is something that is sent to try Technicians and is something that we have no control over.

I had a chance to pick up an older Canon Inkjet printer the other day for parts, the Canon printer that was not working. The Computer could not see it on a USB Port. Eldest Son (IT Desktop support professional with a few years experience) said he reloaded the drivers, checked it out and still no go so Mother decided to write off the printer and it was destined for the Bin. I was offered it for parts and picked up the Printer. Got it back to workshop, decided to check it, downloaded and installed a NEW driver from Canon, connected USB, voila - printer worked a treat. MOEM IT Professional with over 35 years experience...cant beat that! I felt sorry for the Mother and returned the Printer at no charge. Explained that IT Son should not give up so quickly! Sign of the times I guess.
Was working up in the Gulf Counrty of North Queensland when I installed a couple of quality Surge Protection devices at a Hotel. Drove out of town to a rural property to do some work and returned later in the day passing through a nasty Electrical Storm. When arriving back to the Hotel, most of the Power was out, no TVs, no SkyChannel what had happened? The Propietor told me that the Hotel was struck by lightning. That's not good I thought. First thing I thought of was the new surge protectors. I asked carefully and was told that all the gear plugged into the devices were ok. Gear plugged into all the cheaper inferior surge protection was all dead. Sold all my other protectors that afternoon! Moral of the story is never skimp on Protection!
when we get a glitchy story, we'll post it here. Send us yours.